Why RPC’s?

Reusable Plastic Crates and Containers (RPCs)


Harvesting, Transporting and Storing fresh produce safely with RPC’s.


Reusable Plastic Crates/Containers (RPCs) are vital for harvesting, transporting, distributing and storing fruits and vegetables from growers to consumers in the food industry.


Reusable Plastic Crates benefits include hygiene, durability, produce quality and freshness, and no water absorption.


RPCs are weather resistant, stack for improved product transportation, and some nest to provide excellent space utilization and last many years.


Different sizes of RPCs address the requirements of various types of fruit and vegetables produce lifecycle (harvesting, processing, packing, transportation).

Stop discarding your produce boxes,  reuse them!  Plastic Produce Lugs/Crates/Boxes are the environmental alternative to throw-away containers. These ventilated crates/containers/lugs provide a cost effective approach over wood and cardboard boxes for harvesting and shipping your fruit and vegetables.

Plastic crates are easy to clean, resists: moisture, insects, fungi and is impervious to acids, solvents and odors. An ideal choice to maximize your freight and storage space while saving money and reducing waste.